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"I just wanted to tell you how much I like the yoga classes.  I feel better and move better even doing it only once a week - I'm more aware of my posture, legs engaged (or not :-). thanks, CL"


"I am very grateful to you for giving me my own private yoga therapy lesson last night. It was very nice of you to do that. The last year has been a difficult journey for me, and what I learned from our session last night, provided me with a lot of insight into the path I need to follow for healing. Your guidance last night was invaluable in pointing me in the right direction. You’re an amazing teacher and I hope that I have the opportunity to take in further classes from you in the future (possibly with a few more students in the class next time"


“Terri presented a chair yoga session to a group in our office. With her gentle guidance, yet tremendous experience, we all walked away with simple exercises that will help us in our professional environment and also at home. The session was very beneficial and I would recommend it to any organization. It is proof that short, quick exercises and stretches have better impact over the long-run.”  


"I am not sure that you will remember me, but I used to attend class when you taught at xxxx Yoga Studio. I was the tall skinny girl that started off with bad posture and felt taller/stronger each time I finished a session with you. "

  "You taught me a lot about proper yoga posses and proper breathing techniques, both of which I tried to incorporate into my daily activities. Unfortunately, I noticed with the other yoga class that I was attending there wasn’t that personal touch (literally) that I need – not sure how many times I have thought in my head – I wish Terri was here…" C


   "I love the way I feel after Nordic walking and yoga.  One session gives me the energy I need to get through my week.  This combination combines cardio and gentle stretching and is easy on my joints. This course is perfect for anyone even those of us who typically stay away from traditional gyms.  I love the fact that the walk is outside and in nature.  Destinations are different and yoga poses change.  We even do ball exercises that release tension and get rid of the knots.  Very happy I found this class." K


   "We are blessed by your gentle guidance, compassion and laughter.  You make yoga fun.  And for me personally, you play a HUGE role in my recovery path. And I can't thank you enough for that."  L


 "Several weeks ago, I felt as though I'd managed to cross a chasm.  While I'm pretty new at this, and less than perfectly flexible, I've been practicing diligently and felt I'd got to some sort of plateau.  The approaches you introduced at that class and in subsequent weeks really make me feel as if I'm progressing thanks much appreciated and keep up with the adjustments even if I do grimace!" KJ


   "I know that I mentioned that my hip had been bugging me...after Mondays class and those darn little  balls ( painful) I can tell you that my hip feels better than it has in months...Thank You!" - LB


   "Just wanted to say that the ball and hip trick was very effective for me!!  I've had a kink in my left hip...I was just waiting for the pain to go away...well, today the hip pain was almost gone SO THANKS!"- HA


   "After recently moving, I was pleased to discover your location being near my new home.  After trying a few classes, I felt I needed to write you to say how much I am enjoying the classes being offered by Terri Morgan.  I have over many years tried several different yoga classes, but I’ve never enjoyed a class more than hers.  I feel she is a positive spirit, very caring about her students, very keen on making sure you are doing the proper postures, and provides a challenge while not making it overwhelming.  Being a little bit larger than the average yoga participant, I feel welcomed and not intimidated which has been the case in other classes I’ve attended, and am comfortable with the positions in a way I never have been before.  I leave the class feeling refreshed and energized.  All the best, thank you for the great yoga studio space. " - NC


Comments about Chair Yoga given at LINC PD Day Conference:


"I'd love to do this as a weekly class…Wonderful!"


"It was great, relaxing, wonderful!"


"Great workshop, important and useful information"


"Very relaxing!"


"I love it! So great!"


"Great stuff! Especially those with bad knees! Thank you!"







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