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For People in Pain:



People in pain need accessible and safe options to manage pain during this period of physical distancing.Live sessions: 


Music for sleep:


Sleep meditation for insomnia:  Healing meditation for 7 chakras  

Release stress,worry, & anxiety: relaxing sleep meditation music     



free online classes in health, well-being, psychology and lifestyle, . Watch all videos on their  YouTube Channel. see 



Meditation :


Shelley Prosko : sunrise guided meditation  'circular nasal passageway' visualization 

Jennifer Reis:  Yoga Nidra for healing and divine sleep 


Breathing exercises:


Alternate nostril breathing for balance (pdf)



Fascia & The Mystery of Chronic Pain | Dana Sterling | LIFE TALK


Pelvic Support Physiotherapy:



Physiotherapy for incontinence and Pelvic Pain


Parkinson Society of Eastern Ontario:


Parkinson Society Eastern Ontario is here to help people living with Parkinson's and the people who care about them. Our staff can help meet with you by phone or in person together or one-on-one to provide information and support. -



Hospice Care Ottawa:

Hospice Care Ottawa, an amalgamation of Friends of Hospice Ottawa and the Hospice at May Court, is a community based charitable organization.  We offer services for clients and their loved ones to experience palliative and end-of-life care in a supportive and peaceful setting, surrounded by caring that reflects as closely as possible a comfortable home environment. 


Meals on Wheels Ottawa:

In addition to providing nutritious meals, this volunteer-based program allows members of the community to remain in their homes as an alternative to costly retirement or nursing residences. Daily visits from Meals on Wheels volunteers provide peace of mind and support to their loved ones and themselves. 


Professional Associations


International Association of Yoga Therapist:

IAYT supports research and education in yoga and serves as a professional organization for yoga teachers and yoga therapists worldwide. Our mission is to establish yoga as a recognized and respected therapy


On line Resources


Yoga Journal:


Presents yoga asana and philosophy, sequences, health in written form and on its website


Yoga Canada Directory:


Canada's online destination to the Nations’ yoga community. Browse YDC to locate a yoga teacher or studio near you, Deepen your yoga practise with a workshop or retreat, Need some R&R yogic style? go one a vacation or tour, Want to take your practise to the next level? Find a teacher training or Need some gear? Buy Canadian yoga related products from across the Country.






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