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Corporate Yoga


YOGA for your KNOTS offers corporate yoga both private and group class instruction at your work or home office—we come to you.

We specialize in creating tailor-made yoga classes to help counter the effects of prolonged office, desk and computer work, and the stressful demands placed on workers in growing companies. Our mission is to provide clients with exercise and breathing techniques that are fun, easy and deliver real benefits to employee health and the employer's bottom line by reducing stress and tension, regaining focus, and in turn inspiring a better day.

Classes can be performed on the chair or on a mat in gym clothes or comfortable business attire.


Our offerings

All Levels Hatha Yoga:  This  is a well rounded and grounded multi level class. Classes are challenging enough for those who like it that way, with plenty of variations  helping beginners feel comfortable and able.  Instructors are detailed in alignment and guide you through poses safely. This class will keep you moving yet nourish you and your body.  Breathing techniques to  calm and refocus the mind round out the class leaving participants feeling fresh and relaxed. 


Somatic yoga for stress

Somatics is based on ancient Hatha Yoga teachings and the modern movement therapies of Hanna Somatics. Somatic yoga is a very gentle style of yoga focused on strengthening and stretching the body (particularly the spine/back) and on reconnecting with the inner life-force.
Classes feature slow & repetitive movements, meditation, relaxation, efficient breathing and developing strength of core muscles and unfolding sensory awareness.  An added benefit is the ability 'to relax on a dime' , leaving you  feeling calm and peaceful.  Comfortable clothes are all that is necessary.

Yoga Basics:

 Learn the foundational postures of yoga . This hatha yoga class combines strength, flexibility, and endurance through precise attention to the body and the breath. Often in workshop style, the method is safe, orderly, and progressive, and the postures are adaptable to meet individualized needs. Myofascial release techniques may be used with props such as Therapy balls, blocks and straps. Particular attention is paid to ensuring proper alignment and providing modification for all levels of ability.   Learn how to reduce your stress and get calm through breath techniques.

Yoga Flow: For more experienced students,  this faster paced class students move through connected sequences that progressively build to invite the body to open and build strength and flexibility. A moving meditation that will build heat and truly keep you in the moment.

Pole walking and yoga

Walking using poles is a low-stress, total body workout that's fantastic for weight-loss, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, relieving back, shoulder and neck pain, and great for your body and mind. Complement that with basic yoga instruction to stretch and strengthen for an all over workout and relaxation.  Poles provided or bring your own. 

Chair Yoga

This class can be performed in business attire and  is specifically designed to help reduce neck and hip tension caused by prolonged sitting and computer work. Here we focus on relaxing the neck, shoulder, arm and back muscles, through gentle stretches and breath work. Suitable for office, board room breaks and employee wellness days.


Employee Benefits:

  • Reduced employee stress

  • Increased energy

  • Improved workplace morale

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Better home life 



Past and present Clients: Graybridge Malkham


Brookstreet Hotel




Richcraft Homes


McMillan LLP 

“Terri presented a chair yoga session to a group in our office. With her gentle guidance, yet tremendous experience, we all walked away with simple exercises that will help us in our professional environment and also at home. The session was very beneficial and I would recommend it to any organization. It is proof that short, quick exercises and stretches have better impact over the long-run.” McMillan LLP  



"If you work at a desk all ( like I do) you get caught up in you work, and sitting at a computer all day….well, your body just locks into one position and muscles get really tight. You’re so involved in what you are doing that you don’t feel your stiff neck or sore low back until the end of the day.  Terri’s chair yoga program gave me tools to stretch my back, hips shoulders, wrists and neck.  She also taught us how to sit with a comfortable posture, the better I sat, the better I could breath and stay relaxed.  I never realized that I was perching on my left side and that I was always holding my breath!  What an eye opener!”

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