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Spring Session

 Begins April 6

schedule subject to change- please check back


6:15-7:30 pm   yoga for chronic tightness- Terri 

7:45-9:00 pm    Yoga Renewal- all levels with myofascial release -Terri



9:00-10:15 am        Somatic yoga for chronic tightness-Terri

10:45-12:00 pm     Gentle and accessible Yoga for strength, stretch

                                and balance. - Tricia


6:00-7:15 pm        Gentle yoga - Tricia

7:30-8:45 pm        Yin & Restorative yoga  -Tricia


6:00-7:30 pm        Yoga Renewal- all levels - Terri   

7:35-9:05 pm:        Yoga Renewal- Basics- Terri     


9:00-10:30 am:       Yoga Renewal- all levels - Terri 

10:30-12:00 pm:     Yoga Renewal -all levels 55 plus- Terri



9:30-11:00 am:       Yoga Renewal- all levels - Terri 


Pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer. No substitutions or refunds.

Participants may make up classes.

please inquire

Small, registered class sessions ensure you get the attention and the personal growth for which you are looking.

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