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Yoga has helped me recover the flexibility of my youth and I want to share that discovery with others. And, the more I learn from yoga, the more I want to share.

I understand that yoga can feel intimidating for the new student - I felt that way too! While I started out in a gentle class, I’ve grown into many styles of yoga. I want to support students on their journey. I know what it’s like for the sedentary body to face the difficulty of getting up and down from the floor that’s why I teach Yin, restorative and yoga for everybody as well as offering a chair yoga practice so that yoga could be available to ANYONE whatever their age, body type or physical limitations.

Pole walking and yoga

 I enjoy taking classes as much as teaching them and learn from my fellow teachers as well as from my students every time I sit on my mat.  Adding Nordic pole walking followed by yoga has added a new dimension to my teaching.  I find the walking as well as offering a work out gets me out of the studio and offers a whole new way to breathe and focus on posture.


  • Ashtanga/Hatha certified 

  • Yin yoga Certified--Marla Erickson Restorative yoga training 

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