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How do you know what to register for
How do you know what to register for? 

Your first yoga class may seem a little daunting. Not to worry, at YOGA for your KNOTS we spend time to get to know you and your specific goals and needs and guide you to an appropriate class. 

If there is not a class suitable for you on the schedule then we will create one!  Classes are designed to work with each individuals’ problem area, and with only 6 people in class you get a lot of attention.

 If you feel that you have special challenges or injuries that may make your participation in our group classes difficult, please call or email us to discuss the possibility of a private introductory session. 

Do I have to sign up for a series of classes or can I just come and try a class to see if I like it?

Our classes run as 8 week or 12 week sessions by registration.  Classes are small, capped at 7 people in order to offer individualized attention and to build on what has been learned the week before.  If you chose not to continue after the first week, then, not to worry you will be refunded subsequent classes ( must be requested before the second class)


Why Pre-Register?

  • You share an 8 to 12 week journey with the same group of people each week.

  • Classes are friendly, relaxed, and designed to encourage a sense of community.

  • Students build each week on what they've learned the week before.

  • Mat rental is included in the cost of pre-registered sessions.


Please note: Drop-ins are available ONLY with space permitting. Check the web before dropping in to any pre-registered course. Sessions noted "FULL" cannot accommodate drop-in students. Please do register early if interested, as these classes fill up quickly.

For the class schedule click here

Do I have to sign up for a series
Do I have to be 50 for a 50+ class?   

No! Classes are geared to the participant level and to where bodies are at, not strictly based on age.  

What do I need to know before I come to class? 


  •  Plan to arrive at class 10 minutes before it begins so you have time to register and get settled.

  • We have all the yoga props you will need (mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets).

  • We do offer free yoga mats but we recommend that you bring your own. This is better for everyone for hygienic reasons.

  • If you want to feel good during class, we suggest that you stop eating at least two hours before class. Yoga is much easier if you’re not practicing on a full stomach.

  • The studio is a sanctuary ~ please take your shoes off at the front entry and keep your personal belongings along the side wall. 

  • There is a washroom and a place you can change your clothes for practice.

  • Pregnant or injured? That is no reason not to practice yoga. But, please check with your doctor first and tell your yoga instructor.

What can I expect in a class? 

Classes begin with breath awareness and pranayama to center you and to shift your attention from the busyness of your day to a quiet and peaceful place in your body. Learning to become aware of your breath and the sensations of your body will become easier with regular practice.  

The physical part of the practice is a blend of warm-ups, standing, seated, and supine poses yoga postures called asanas.   Many classes have a theme whether it be a focus on hips, shoulders or back or an overall feel good class.  Focus is spent on alignment with lots of cueing and hands on adjustments.  You will be encouraged to FEEL the pose, and to be aware of physical and emotional sensations that arise throughout your practice and learning the connection between breath and ease of movement. Props (bolsters, blocks, blankets, chairs) are used frequently to bring the pose to you instead of you to the pose.  Near the end of class, you will be guided into a place of deep relaxation called shavasana.

You are encouraged to move at your own pace, honoring the abilities and limitations of your unique body.

There are only 6-7 persons per class. This means a lot of personalized attention and guidance.

What can I expect in a class
What if I can’t make a class?

If you are unable to attend a class, then you may make up the class on another day up to 1 month past the current session end date.  

Can I buy yoga products in your studio? 

We have Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and DVD programs, bolsters, yoga straps and many other practice-related supportive props for sale. If you have questions about our products for sale, classes, one-on-one instruction or workshops, please feel free to drop by the studio or contact us.

Corporate Yoga:
How much space do I need to run a corporate yoga class at my workplace? 

Each person needs a space slightly larger than their yoga mat, perhaps 6-8 feet by 3 feet. 

How much space do I need
Are your corporate classes suitable for beginners?

 Yes.  Even absolute beginners can participate in our classes.  You do not have to have any experience with yoga to come to class.

What do we need for class?

Each person will need their own yoga mat, -they are supplied for use and included in the fee- or you may bring your own.

what do we need for class
Can we use a towel or blanket instead of a mat?

 No.  Yoga mats are mandatory for two reasons:  safety and comfort.  They prevent slipping in certain poses and will be comfortable, to support you in your practice.

What is the minimum number of people I need to run a class? 


There is no minimum number that you need, but if you have fewer than 15 people we charge a flat rate per class.  Therefore, some companies like to set a minimum of 5, 8 or 10 people, to ensure that the cost per person stays very low.  Of course, if your company is paying for your classes, this will not be a concern.

You choose the day and time that you would like to have a class each week, or twice a week, and we will do our best to set you up with an instructor who is available then.

What days and times do you have available for a corporate yoga class?

You choose the day and time that you would like to have a class each week, or twice a week, and we will do our best to set you up with an instructor who is available then.

If we have a class scheduled, do we have the option to cancel it if something comes up?


Yes.  We understand that sometimes rooms get booked for meetings or other events come up at the last minute, making it impossible to have a class that day.  We only ask that you give 24 hours notice to move, reschedule or cancel any class.  Otherwise we may charge you for the class.

Where can I have a private yoga session?

Private session are held at the YOGA for your KNOTS studio but can may be held at your home, office or other location that would be suitable.  The location you choose should be clean, quiet and free from distractions, and should be large enough to accommodate your own yoga mat and that of the teacher's. 

What days and times do you have available
What does a private yoga session consist of?

Our private yoga sessions are tailored to fit your individual needs, level, ability and goals.  Most classes will begin with meditation and centering, then move into asanas (postures) and breathing exercises, then finish with Savasana (Relaxation), where you lie on your mat and relax.  Each class will include plenty of hands on adjustments from your teacher to help you progress much more quickly than you would in a regular group class.

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