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Yoga parties for Adults


Get your friends, family or work pals together and connect in a fun way!  We’ve ben part of “morning spa” parties, family reunion celebrations, pre-wedding de-stressors.



Kids Birthday parties









yoga birthday parties is an active hour of fun and games around yoga related themes, poses, and activities. Birthday parties are for kids ages 3 & up. Each party is custom-tailored. The event combines yoga, play and partner games, engaging kids both mentally and physically. Children learn yoga poses, games, and relaxation exercises. Partner poses and cooperative yoga games inspire positive peer interactions.


  • Cost: $200 for up to 10 kids.

  • Additional $10 for each additional guest. Maximum capacity is 17.

  • $75 deposit due upon booking.


The party includes a total of 90 minutes of studio time.


Breakdown: 55 minutes of class, 20 minutes to serve cake/snacks (which you provide) and 15 minutes for drop/off and pickup of kids



In the studio or at your place- work or backyard- Enjoy the fun and community of yoga.


Please contact us for details or Call 613-797-7347

Yoga parties for kids
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